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Jack is an eleven year old boy who lives, in a cottage near Springwell Port in Annalong, with his mother Martha, father and his Great Nanna Tess. He was born on the 21st of June 1836. ( Long before electronic gadgets, cars to drive you to school and duvet covers to keep your toes warm.)


On his tenth birthday Jack was given a gift that could alter the course of history, but he wasted it. The gift was the secret of how to make a dandelion wish come true. But since he didn't believe in magic, he wasted his first wish and he had to wait a whole year until the next one. 


Jack is the son of a Fisherman called Matthew and he loves him more than anything in the whole world, but that world is about to get turned upside down when a terrible storm steals him away.

Follow Jack on the most fantastical of adventures through a wonderland of delightful creatures and a countryside that begs to be explored.


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