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I never went down an aisle and picked my family, the way you would pick your bread or milk. Oh no, my family were already there when I came along.    


My father is called Poitin, my mother Blathnaid. Then there are my siblings, Fearnog, the eldest. Beith, my only sister. Trom, Cuileann, Malip, Coll, Iur, and by far the smartest Crann Cno.  I should also mention Cobs, who I was named after. He was a big part of my father's life when he was younger. He was a bear no less. A bear like no other, but I won't go into that now. 

  Contrary to what you may have heard about my kind, we are not all that fond of the fire water, or whiskey as you may call it. It played havoc with early mornings when we all went out to hunt.'Hunt,' I hear you say with a note of annoyance. Well now get down off that high horse of yours. What I hunt is nothing more than a weed in your eyes, so there, settle yourself.

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