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About Me

This is where I say, "well where do I start?" And you might say, "well I really don't care."  

But since you clicked the 'ABOUT ME' button, there must be a little curiosity in you. So here goes.
My name is Cosabian Brohan Hawksbeard, Cobs for short and I am a Clurichaun. I was born on All Hallow's Eve, on the  night of a blue moon in 1411, making me the youngest of nine.
I dwell in the Curraghard Tree, by myself, ever since....
....well never mind.

You can see where I live if you are one of the fortunates. A sneeze, a blink or even a quick glance from the side of your eye might let you glimpse into the Inbetween. That is the realm I live in. It is the True Kingdom of Mourne. The most beautiful of all the realms and stretches from Annalong Wood to the Kissing gate and from the forests of Tollymore to the shores of Rostrevor, where the rivers run clear and the hills are forever green.


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